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Showing Your Home


When your home is to be shown, we will always attempt to make an appointment with you, giving you as much advance notice as possible.

Being on Time for Appointments

It is important to understand that sometimes Realtors cannot be at your home in the time frame that they have requested. Sometimes a buyer is late for the appointment, or they may stay longer at one or more houses throwing the Realtors off schedule. Some people look at houses in five minutes, while some may take 20. We often have no way of knowing this, so this delay can throw schedules off. Your understanding is appreciated.

No Shows

Sometimes a buyer's interests change direction in mid-stream regarding what they want to see, so an agent has to go to an entirely different area or subdivision and may not be able to call you at that moment to cancel the appointment. Sometimes we call and you're not at home. We apologize for the inconvenience if a "no show" occurs. It is not commonplace; but if it does occur, please let us know so that we can try to find out why.

What To Do While Buyers Are Looking

It is not necessary for you to leave home every time an agent makes an appointment; but when they do arrive, take a walk outside, or if the weather does not permit, go to one corner of the house out of "earshot" so that the buyer feels comfortable in making comments about your home to their agent. Be cautious in talking to the customer - the one thing you may want pointed out about your home may be the one thing the buyer isn't too keen about! Casual remarks that you feel are harmless could possibly cause the prospect to eliminate your home. Remember, though, neither the agent nor the buyer knows your home as well as you do, however the agent does know the buyer.

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