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Keeping On Top of Condition

Just like any other showroom, your home needs to appear in "perfect" condition every day! That's difficult and we understand. But a home remaining unsold on the market may cost more than keeping it tidy in the short term. Condition is one important way in which a seller says, "I care" and that's very important to most buyers. Setting the stage and mood really does help a house to sell.

First Impressions Are Important - You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Often a few quick and inexpensive improvements will reap a big return. A home that stands out among similarly priced houses is the one that sells. Why try to tell a prospective buyer how your home could look when you can show him with just a few small repairs, some clean-up and a little redecorating? Many times, buyers overestimate the costs of painting and repairs. Showing your home to its best advantage will result in a faster sale at a higher price. The following suggestions for preparing your home to sell are worth the special attention:

Curb appeal often determines whether someone is interested in seeing the inside of your home.

Regardless of your decorating style, make sure your home is clean and welcoming.

You never know when an agent will call to show your home, so stay one step ahead by doing the following:

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