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Seller's Checklist

  • Notify your mortgage company immediately in writing that your house has been sold and you will need a payoff amount for your mortgage loan
  • Gather your receipted bills for taxes, water, sewer and civic association dues/fees
  • Notify utilities when to read your meters
  • Notify telephone company
  • Notify cable company
  • Cancel any regular deliveries; i.e. newspaper
  • Notify your fuel dealer and obtain oil reading
  • Notify garbage/trash remover
  • Notify your mover
  • Send change of address cards
  • After settlement, cancel or transfer fire and/or homeowner's insurance
  • Put all appliance/household equipment info in a kitchen cabinet drawer
  • Remove all personal belongings from home
  • Have home "broom swept clean"
  • Bring all keys and electric garage door openers to settlement

If your home will be vacant:

  • Notify police
  • Arrange for lawn care or snow removal
  • "Winterize" house if necessary

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